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Jewelry and Silver Marks


Marks Index

Arts & Crafts Marks 1

Arts & Crafts Marks 2

Kalo Marks

1922 Jewelry Marks

1922 Silver Marks

1934 Silver Marks

Marks -- Arts & Crafts makers such as Kalo always marked their work.  Other makers like Oakes marked just some of their output.  And a wide range of well-made items was produced without marks.   Marks from single makers can vary, which helps date objects, since the makers often changed them as they moved, or expanded, or merged with other makers.  To see marks of the makers below, click on the appropriate links in each row.   For a complete list of Kalo Shop marks, click here.  For Arts & Crafts marks click here.


Note that while the index below is arranged alphabetically, some entries are listed by first name or initial (e.g. Charles L. Trout Co. rather than Trout, Charles L. Co.). 



























= A =


A. & Z. Chain Co.

A. A. Greene & Co.  

A. B. Mfg. Co.

A. G. Schultz (and here)

A. J. Hedges & Co.

A. Kline

A. L. Ott

A. M. Forman Co.

A. P. Craft Co.

A. R. Justice Co. (and here)

A. Wallach & Co.

Abel Bros. & Co.

Adaline Hicks

Allan Adler

Adolph Rosenberg

Albert O. Maier

Albert Pick & Co.

Albert S. Samuels Co.

Albert Wehde

Alfred Humbert & Son

Alfred J. Casse & Co.

Allan Adler

Allsopp & Allsopp

Allsopp & Son

Allsopp Bros.

Allsopp-Bliss Co.

Alvin Corp. (and here)

Alvin H. Hankins

American Ring Co.

American Silver Co. (and here)

American Wholesale Corporation

Andrew A. Taylor Co.

Anna and Heinrich Eicher

Anthony Bros.

Ariston Silversmiths

Arne Myhre

Arnold & Steere Co.

Arrow Novelty Co.

Art Metal Studios

Art Silver Shop (and here and here and here)

Artcraft Silversmith Co.

Arthur J. Stone (and here)

Artistic Jewelry Mfg. Co.

Associated Silver Co. (and here)

August Dingelden - Erik Magnussen

Augustus F. Dejonge

Bjarne Axness


= B =


B. A. Ballou & Co.

B. M. Shanley, Jr. Co.

Baer & Wilde Co.

Bagley Mfg. Co.

Baker-Manchester Mfg. Co. (and here)

Ballou Mfg. Co.

Baltes Mfg. Co.

Barber Jewelry Mfg. Co.

Barbour Silver Co. (and here)

Bardach & Gran

Jane Carson and Frances Barnum

Bascom Brothers

Bassett Jewelry Co.

Bastian Bros. Co.

Bates & Bacon

Battin & Co.

Bauman-Massa Jewelry Co.

Bayardi Brothers

John C. Bellis

Ben Shiers & Sons

Ben Spier Co.

Benedict Mfg. Co. (and here)

Benjamin Harris Co.

Bennett & Crystal Co.

Bennett & Long Co.

Benziger Brothers

Peter L. Berg

Berk's Jewelry Co.

Bernard Rice's Sons - Apollo Silver Co. (and here)

Binder Bros.

Bippart, Griscom & Osborn

Bishop & Bishop

Bitterman Bros.


Bjarne Axness

Porter Blanchard

Bleaden's Jewelry Shop

Bliss Bros. Co.

Block Hirsch Co.

Block Ring Co.

Bock-Lewis Co.

Boston Jewelry Mfg. Co.



Brassler Co.

Edward H. Breese [EHB]

Brier Mfg. Co.

Brochon Engraving Co.

Brunswick Mfg. Co.

Buchholz & Zelt

Buffalo Jewelry Mfg. Co.

Bugbee & Niles Co.

Burr-Patterson & Co.

Burstow Kollmar & Co.

Byard F. Brogan


= C =


C & S. Mfg. Co.

C. A. Marsh & Co.

C. A. Vanderbilt (and here)

C. C. S. Mfg. Co.

C. H. Eulhardt & Co.  

C. J. Alberts

C. O. Sweet & Son

C. R. Harris

C. Ray Randall & Co.

C. Sydney Smith Co.

Carence Crafters

Carl Entenmann Jewelry Co.

Carl Forssen

Carl Poul Petersen

Caron Brothers

Carrington & Co.

Carson & Banks

Jane Carson and Frances Barnum

Carter, Gough & Co.

Carter, Qvarnstrom & Remington

Rebecca Cauman

Cellini Craft

Cellini Mfg. Co.

Central Monogram Works

Champenois & Co.

Chapin & Hollister Co.

Charles B. Byron Co.

Charles D. Reese

Charles E. Hancock Co.

Charles F. Selber

Charles G. Willson

Charles H. Didrich [CHD]

Charles K. Grouse Co.  

Charles Keller & Co.

Charles L. Trout Co.

Charles M. Levy & Son

Cheever, Tweedy & Co.

Chicago Art Metal Works

Chicago Silver Company

Ciner Mfg. Co.

Clark & Coombs Co.

Clemens Friedell

Colonial Silver Co. (and here)

Comstock & Wood

Continental Sheffield Silver Co.

Continental Silver Co.

Costello & Co.

Crane & Theurer

Cummins-Kremer Co.

Currier & Roby (and here)


= D =


D. D. Brokaw Son

D. E. Black & Co.

D. F. Briggs Co.

D. L. Auld Co.

D. R. Dingnall

Daniel Pedersen

Dattelbaum & Friedman

David and Walter Mulholland

David Ullman & Co.

Davis Mfg. Co.

William DeMatteo

Derby Silver Co.

Diamond Silver Co.

Charles H. Didrich [CHD]

Dirk van Erp

Dominick & Haff (and here)

Dorrety of Boston

Leonore Doskow

Dorst Co.

Dowd-Rodgers Co.

Durand & Co.



= E =


E. & J. Bass

E. A. Barton Co.

E. A. Bennett & Co.

E. A. Dreher & Son

E. Beline

E. E. Rockwood

E. G. Webster & Son (and here)

E. I. Franklin & Co.

E. L. Garrigus

E. L. Logee Co.

E. L. Spencer Co.

E. M. Mitchell

E. P. Hutten & Co. (and here)

E. S. Feinstein & Co.

Eagle Silver Co. (and here)

Early American Pewter Co.

Eckfeldt & Ackley

Edmund R. Nebeling

Edward H. Breese [EHB]

Edward Oakes

Edward R. Roehm

Ehrlich & Sinnock


Eisenstadt Mfg. Co.

Seth Ek

Electric Chain Co.  

Eleder-Hickok Co. (and here)

Elgin American Mfg. Co. (and here and here)

Elgin Jewelry Co.

Elliot & Douglass Mfg. Co.

Ellmore & Latz  

Elmwood Plate  

Emily A. Day

Empire Mfg. Co.  

Empire State Ring Co.

England, Klein & Levy

Enos Richardson & Co.

E. T. C. Fish

Evans Case Co.

Excell Mfg. Co.  


= F =


F. & F. Felger  

F. & R. Jewelry Mfg. Co.  

F. A. Hermann Co.

F. A. Whiting & Co.

F. H. Sadler Co. (and here)

F. Kirchenbauer

F. M. & J. L. Cobb

F. N. Kistner

F. P. Scofield & Co.

Falick Novick

Farber Bros.

Federal Silver Co.

Felsenthal Brothers & Co.  

Ferris, Stanley Co.

Fessenden & Co.

Fillkwik Co.

Finberg Mfg. Co.

Fischer & Pruefer

E. T. C. Fish

Fishel Nessler Co.

Fisher, Penseyer & Carson

Flint, Blood & Co.

Forbes Silver Co.

Forbes Silver Plate Co.

Ford-Perry Co.  

Forest Craft Guild

Carl Forssen

Laurence Foss

Sybil Foster

Frank Flynn

Frank Gardner Hale

Frank Krementz Co.

Frank M. Whiting (and here and here)

Frank Miraglia

Frank T. May Co. (and here)

Frank W. Smith Co. (and here)

Frank Walter Lawrence [FWL]

Franklin Silver Plate Co.

Frans J. R. Gyllenberg

Frans J. R. Gyllenberg and Alfred H. Swanson

Fraternity Jewlery Mfg. Co.

Fred Blauer & Co.

Fred D. Smith Co.

Fred J. Theleman

Clemens Friedell

Friedman Silver Co.

Frost Workshop

Fulmer & Gibbons


= G =


G. A. Henckel & Co. (and here)

G. H. French & Co. (and here)

G. Heitkemper Co.  

Mary Gage

Gaylord Sanitorium

George C. Gebelein

General Chain Co.

General Mfg. & Exporting Co.

Georg Jensen Handmade Silver (and here)

George A. Desenfant & Son

George C. Gebelein

George E. Darling Co.

George H. Lees & Co. 

George L. Brown Co.

George L. Paine Co.

George L. Vose Mfg. Co.

George O. Street & Sons

George Shreve

George Wettstein

Gertrude Twichell

Gilbert Oakes

Glaser Bros.  

Glasow & Leitman Co.

Glastonbury Silver Co.

Gold & Platinum Novelty Co. - M. Veinus & Co.

Gold Seal Jewelers

Gold, Most & Fogel

Goldman, Kolber & Witgren

Goldsmith Bros. Smelting and Refining

Goldsmith Stern & Co.  

Gorham Mfg. Co. (and here and here and here)

Gotham Silver So.

Gourdel Vales & Co.  

Graff, Washbourne & Dunn (and here)

Graffe & Stanek  

Granite Jewelry Mfg. Co.

Gray-Rindell Co.  

Grimm & Judae Co.

Knut Gustafson

Gustave Fox Co.

Guterman & Cooper

Frans J. R. Gyllenberg


= H =


H. & A. Saunders

H. & M. Co.  

H. A. Allen & Co.

H. B. Gording  

H. D. Merritt & Co.

H. F. Barrows & Co.

H. H. Tammen Co. (and here)

H. Kroll & Co.

H. L. Leibe Co.

H. R. Morss & Co.

H. W. Tisdall

Hadley Co.  

Hagerstrom & Chapman

Frank Gardner Hale

Hallam-Rice Co.

Hamilton & Hamilton Jr.

Matthias Hanck

Handicraft Shop

Hanover Jewelry Mfg. Corp.  

Harmony Wedding Ring Co.

Hart Bros.  

Hartford Sterling Co. (and here)

Harvey & Otis  

Hasenjaeger Bros.

Hassig Jewelry Co.  

Hayden W. Wheeler & Co.

Heer-Schofield Co.

Heilman & Roth

Heinrich Eicher

Heintz Art Metal Shop

Heintz Bros.

Heiser Mfg. Co.

Heller & Atkins  

Hemill Products

Henry Blank & Co.

Henry Pearce

Henry Rufeisen

Henry W. Fishel & Sons

Henry Wiener & Son

Herbert Jackson Co.  

Herbst & Wassall (and here)

Hickok Mfg. Co.

Adaline Hicks

Hirsch & Oppenheimer

Hirshorn, Smith & Newman

Holmes & Edwards Silver Co. (and here)

Holtite Collar Hold Co.

Homan Mfg. Co.

Hope Mfg. Co.

Hopewell Silver Co.  

Horace Potter

Hubbard Co.

Hull House Shops - Isadore V. Friedman

Humbert Mfg. Co.

Hutchison & Huestis

Hyman & Co.


= I =


I. Eiseman & Son

I. Marcus

I. Michelson & Sons

International Silver

Irons & Russell Co.

Irving M. Planick

Irving Spiro & Co.

Isadore V. Friedman


= J =


J. & R. Fleming  

J. A. & S. W. Granbery

J. A. Meyers & Co.

J. Austin Granbery Co.

J. C. Daniels Co.

J. F. Apple Co.

J. F. Fradley & Co. (and here)

J. F. Sturdy's Sons Co.

J. J. Somer & Co.

J. J. White Mfg. Co.

J. J. Zock & Co.

J. L. Maritz Jewelry Mfg. Co.

J. M. Fisher Co.  

J. M. Jablow & Co.  

J. McMaster Co.

J. Mehrlust

J. Milhening

J. Myer Lebolt

J. O. Pollack & Co.

J. R. Wood & Sons

J. Rogers Silver Co.  

J. Solinger & Co.

J. T. Inman & Co. (and here)

J. W. Colgan Co.

J. W. Richardson & Co.

Jackson, How & Brooks

Jacob Hookaylo

Jacob Rothschild & Co.

James A. Flomerfelt Co.

James C. Doran & Sons

James E. Blake Co. (and here)

James Winn

James Woolley

Jane Carson and Frances Barnum

Robert Riddle Jarvie

Jenkins & Jenkins  

Jennings Silver Co. (and here)

Georg Jensen Handmade Silver (and here)

Jo Michels

John C. Bellis

John Chatellier

John Frick Jewelry Co.  

John C. Petterson

John P. Petterson (and here)

John T. Mauran Mfg. Co.

Johnston & Seckendorf  

Jos. Frackman Co.  

Jos. Mayer & Bro.

Josef Friedman Co.  

Joseph L. Herzog & Co.

Joseph Mayer

Joseph R. King & Co.

Julius H. Moss & Bro.  

Julius Kirschner & Co.

Julius O. Randahl (and here)

Jung & Klitz  


= K =


Kalo Shop (and here)

Kamares & Patek

Karl F. Leinonen & Son

Katherine Pratt

Keller Mfg. Co.

Kennedy & Co.  

Kennedy & Williams  

Kent & Woodland Co.  


Kestenman Bros. Mfg. Co.

Ketcham & McDougall

Kevitt Jewelry Co.  

Keystone Silver

King Collar Button Co.

Knickerbocker Silver Co. (and here)

Knut Gustafson

Kohn & Co.

Kollmar Rauch & Co.

Kraus, McKeever & Adams

Krementz & Co.  


= L =


L. Altman & Son

L. Berger

L. E. Freeman Co.

L. Fritzsche & Co.  

L. H. Vaughan

L. Heller & Co.  

L. J. Anshen Co.

L. J. Roy & Co.

La Grayse Co.

La Pierre Mfg. Co. (and here)

Lafayette Jewelry Mfg. Co.

Landers, Frary & Clark (and here)

Larter & Sons  

Lashof & Lieberman  

Laurence Foss

Frank Walter Lawrence [FWL]

Lawrence B. Smith Co. (and here)

Lazarus & Weil

Le Stage Mfg. Co.

Leach & Miller Co.

Lebkuecher & Co.

Karl F. Leinonen & Son

Leo Jewelry Co.

Leonard Krower & Son

Leonhardt Mfg. Co.  

Leonore Doskow

Lesch & Lewis Co.

Levin Ring Co.

Levine Silversmith Co.

Levinson-Jacobson Co.

Levitt & Gold  

Levy Bros. Co.

Lewis & Paige

Liebs Silver Co. (and here)

Lillian Pines

Lona P. Schaeffer

Long & Koch Co.

Louis Tosky

Lyons Mfg. Co. (and here)


= M =


M. A. Lumbard Co.

M. A. Reich

M. Adels & Co. (and here)

M. Alexander

M. Annunziata

M. B. Bryant & Co.

M. S. Rodenberg & Co.

M. Seiger & Son

M. Veinus & Co.

M. W. Carr & Co.

MacKendrick, Guyot & Co.

Madeline Turner

Main Jewelry Co.

Majestic Silver Co.

Manchester Silver Co. (and here and here)

Mandalian Mfg. Co.

Mandeville, Horton & Tibbals

Mandix Co. - Just Andersen

Manning, Bowman & Co.

Manufacturing Jewelers of America

Marathon Co.

Margaret Rogers

Marion Jewelry Mfg. Co.

Markham & Stone

Marshall Field (and here and here)

Martha & Carpenter

Martin-Copeland Co.

Mary Catherine Knight

Mary Gage

Matthews Co.

Matthias Hanck

Mautner Mfg. Co.

McRae & Keeler (and here)

Mealy Mfg. Co.

Mecklenborg & Gerhardt

Meriden Britannia Co. (and here)

Meriden Jewelry Mfg. Co.

Meriden Silver Plate Co.

Merrill Co.

Merrill Shops (and here)

Mervyn S. Mack

Merwin-Wilson Co. (and here)

Jo Michels

Middletown Silver Co. (and here)

Mildred Watkins

Miller Bros.

Miller Jewelry Co.


Frank Miraglia

Mondaine Products

Moore & Evans

Moore & Hofman

Moore & Son

Morgan Jewelry Co.

Morse Bros.

Moss & Zack

Mulholland Brothers (and here)

Mulholland Silver Co.

Arne Myhre


= N =


N. M. Shepard & Co.

N. Rosen & Co.

Napier-Bliss Co.

National Jewelry Co.

National Silver Co.

Nerney & Co.

Nesler & Co.

Newark Tortoise Shell Novelty Co.

Nolan & Strachan

Novgrad & Bojar

Falick Novick

Novick Brothers


= O =


O. E. Lehmann & Co.

O. J. Somers Co.

O. M. Draper Corp.

O. R. Johnson Co.  

Edward Oakes

Gilbert Oakes

Odd Krafters Shop

Old New England Craftsmen

Yngve Olsson

Oneida Community (and here)

Oscar E. Place & Sons Co.

Oscar Heyman & Bro.

Ostby & Barton Co.


= P =


P. H. Locklin & Sons

P. W. Ellis & Co.  

Palmer & Capron

Stavre Gregor Panis [SGP]

Parks Bros. & Rogers  

Paye & Baker Mfg. Co.

Payton & Kelley Co.

Susan Oakes Peabody

Peck Selmeier & Peck

Peckham Seamless Ring Mfg. Co.

Daniel Pedersen

Peer Smed

Peisachow Jewelry Co.

Pennsylvania Silverware Co.

Percy W. Hine

Perelman & Sorin

Peter L. Berg

Carl Poul Petersen

John C. Petterson

John P. Petterson

Petterson Studio

Pfister Jewelry Co.  

Phoel & Schaller

Lillian Pines

Plainville Stock Co.

Platinum & Gold Products

Polcini Mfg.

Theodore Pond

Poole Silver Co. (and here)

Porter & Wiser Jewelry Co.

Porter Blanchard

Potter & Buffinton Co.

Horace Potter

Potter Studio

Powers & Mayer Mfg.

Katherine Pratt

Presto Cigarette Case (and here)

Providence Mfg. Co.

Providence Stock Co.


= Q =


Quaker Silver Co.

Quality Ring Mfg. Co.

Quayle & Son

Queen City Silver Co. (and here)


= R =


R. & G. Co.

R. B. Macdonald & Co.

R. Blackinton & Co. (and here)

R. F. Simmons Co.

R. Geissler

R. L. Griffith & Son Co.  

R. L. Moorehead & Co.

R. R. Fogel & Co.  

R. Wallace & Sons Mfg. Co. (and here)

Randahl Shop (and here)

Rankin Co.

Rebecca Cauman

Redlich & Co. (and here)

Reed & Barton (and here)

Reed, Potter Co.

Rex Mfg. Co.

Richard Dimes Co.

Riker Bros.

Robert Riddle Jarvie

Robert Stoll


Robins Bladen & Robins

Rochester Stamping Co.

Rockford Silver Plate Co.

Rockwell Silver Co.

Roden Bros.  

Margaret Rogers

Rogers & Brother (and here)

Rogers Silver Plate Co.

Rogers, Lunt & Bowlen Co. (and here)

Rokesley Shop

Rosenfeld & Friedenthal

Rosenthal & Kaplan


Rudolph Deutsch Co.

Rueff Bros.  


= S =


S. & B. Lederer Co.

S. B. Champlin Co.

S. B. Lavick & Co.

S. Buschbaum & Co. (and here)

S. Dosick & Co.

S. J. Levy &Co.

S. K. Merrill Co.

S. M. Wertheimer & Co.

S. O. Bigney Co.

S. Wechter Co.

Saart Bros. (and here)

Samstag & Hilder Bros.

Samuel Kirk & Son

Sansbury & Nellis

Saunders Lorie & Co.

Lona P. Schaeffer

Scharling & Co. (and here)

Schein Bros.

Schofield Co.

Scofield, Melcher & Scofield

Segman & Abrahams

Seth Ek

Sheets-Rockford Silver Co.

Shire & Strauss


Silbermann, Kohn & Wallenstein

Simeon L. & George H. Rogers Co. (and here)

Simons Bros. Co. (and here)

Simpson Nickel Co.

Simpson, Hall, Miller & Co. (and here)

Sinnock & Sherrill

Skinner & Co.

Sloan & Co.

Peer Smed

Smith & Crosby

Smith Metal Arts Co.

Snow & Westcott Co.

Spies Bros.

Standard Button Co.

Stange Jewelry Co.

Stanley & Aylword

Star Ring Mfg. Co.

Stavre Gregor Panis [SGP]

Stein & Windt

Sterling Silver Mfg. Co.

Stieff Co.

Arthur J. Stone (and here)

Strauss & Strauss

Strobell & Crane

Strunk, Rosfelder & Schlueter

Sturtevant-Whiting Co.

Supreme Silver Co.

Susan Oakes Peabody

Swift & Fisher

Sybil Foster

Sykes & Strandberg


= T =


T. G. Frothingham & Co.

T. H. Baker & Co. jewelry mark

T. I. Smith Co.

T. K. Fishel-C. A. Bugli

T. Knoebber & Co.

T. V. Allen Co. (and here)

Taber & Tibbets (and here)

Talbot Mfg. Co.  

Taunton Pearl Works

Taylor & Co.

TC Shop

Terri Cosmetics

The Butterfly Box

The Charter Co.

The H. W. K. Co.

The Matthews Co.

The Robbins Co.

The Six Michaelson Bros.

The Sterling Silver Mfg. Co.

The Thomae Co. (and here and here)

The United Jewelers

Theberath & Co.

Theo. H. Zacharias

Theo. W. Foster & Bro. (and here and here)

Theodore Pond

Thier, Kraus & Beam

Thomas D. Gard Co.

Thornton Bros. Co.

Tiffany Special Hand Work

Toledo Jewelry Mfg. Co.

Tomchin & Levinson

Towle Mfg. Co. (and here)

Traub Mfg. Co.

Madeline Turner

Tuttle Silver Co. (and here)


Gertrude Twichell


= U =


Untermeyer, Robbins & Co.


= V =


V. E. Black Co.

Van Bergh Silver Plate Co.

Dirk van Erp

Van Sise & Chapter

Victor A. Picard & Co.

Victor Siedman Mfg. Co. (and here)

Vogel Bros. Co.

Volund Shop


= W =


W. B. Kellogg Co.  

W. D. Smith Silver Co. (and here)

W. F. Newhall & Son

W. G. Clark & Co.

W. H. Bell & Co.

W. I. Cowlishaw

W. L. Sutton

W. N. Brooks

Wachenheimer Bros.

Waite Thresher Co.

Waite, Evans Co.

Wallingford Co. (and here)

Walter E. Hayward Co.

Walter H. McKenna

Walter L. Steffen Co.

Walter and David Mulholland

Warneke & Hay Co.

Mildred Watkins

Watrous Mfg. Co. (and here)

Watson Co. (and here)

Weber-Wagner & Benson (and here)

Webster Co. (and here)

Albert Wehde

Weidlich Bros. Mfg. Co. (and here)

Weidlich Sterling Spoon Co. (and here)

Weigle & Rose Co.

Wendell & Co.

Werner Bros.

Wexler Bros.

White, Wile & Warner

Whitehouse Bros.


Whiting & Davis Co.

Whiting Chain Co.

Whiting Mfg. Co.

Wightman & Hough Co.

Wilcox & Evertsen (and here)

Wilcox Silver Plate Co.

William A. Rogers (and here)

William A. Waters

William Adams

William B. Durgin Co.

William B. Kerr Co.

William C. Greene Co.  

William DeMatteo

William G. Ahrendt

William Huger & Co.

William J. Feeley Co.  

William J. Vossel & Co.

William L. Sexton

William Link Co.

William Nost Co.

William R. Effers

William Rogers Mfg. Co. (and here)

Williams & Anderson Co.

Williams Bros. Mfg. Co. (and here)

Wilmort Mfg. Co.

Wilro Shop

James Winn

Winnstock Co.

Wolcott Mfg. Co.

Woods & Chatellier

James Woolley

Woodside Sterling Co. (and here)


= X =


X. L. Belt Buckle Co.


= Y =


Yale Jewelry Mfg. Co.

Yngve Olsson


= Z =


Ziething & Co.

Zol, Inc.

Zwee & Burr Co.



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